Monika Gelbmann
Python Scripts

Python Scripts

I create Python tools for Animation, Simulation, Character Setup and Pipeline.
While most scripts are produced for clients, studios or personal use, I also create tools to share with the CG community.

Universal IK FK Switch Tool

Maya Character Script that maches Poses between IK and FK Rigg mode and works for any Character. Riggs that don’t have IK/FK match built in, requires only Standard FK controls and IK Pole Vector Setup. The Controls are defined once and can be stored in Node for easy reuse throughout the animation.

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Highend3d Free:…
Highend3d Pro:…
Gumroad Free:
Gumroad Pro:

Image Plane Manager

Simple UI to import, manipulate and mange imageplanes in your Maya scene.

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Highend3d Free Version:
Highend3d Pro Version:
Gumroad Free Version:
Gumroad Pro Version:

Missing Shelf Button Cleanup

One reason for disappearing shelf buttons its entry exists multiple times in userPrefs.mel
what confuses the loading. There might be a shelf entry with ; at the end and one without. Both valid
but overwriting each other.

This script runs through the .mel file and tries to remove any line with duplicates.
Besides “shelfName” entries that are filtered are associated “shelfVersion”, “shelfFile”, “shelfLoad and “shelfAlign” entries

More details and download
Missing Shelf Button Clean Up Script